Chosen OST

A while ago, Nizio joined the team to compose the soundtrack for Chosen!

The plan is to focus the music towards synthwave while retaining the essence of our favorite games, adapting the sound to different situations going from the good old spacey ambient, to pumping action-filled bangers.

Here are a few demos that Nizio is working on at the moment to see if they fit nicely in the game. Keep in mind this is work in progress.

AI & Explosives

We already have our first enemy up and running (although we still want to add additional behaviors and animations, but we need to sort out other things first), say hello to our Marine.
RAIN has been the library of choice to implement the behavior of our marine, and despite the fact it works far better in a 3D environment, we made good use of it to build the base sensors and waypoints.

From the groundwork that RAIN offered, we have added functionalities to customize certain behaviors like stepping into cover after spotting a grenade, or falling off a cliff in a completely spaghetti western style when shot.

We still have to implement the inventory system. The idea is that every marine in a group must fulfill a certain role. Medics, cover support, tanks to soak up tons of damage, engaging grenades to save the rest of the team… and all that cool stuff we love so much.

And don’t forget that Chosen is a violent game. That’s why we have blessed the marine with an array of dying animations (with many more to come).

Since we found the poor guy wasn’t suffering enough, we started building the first explosive barrels. From there, things kinda escalated and we ended up blowing him to pieces with rockets and cluster bombs, ultimately leading to the marine simply being blasted into lower orbit by any old explosive barrel. Fun stuff.

Okay, that was too close. Let’s try again.

Flying free, feel the ecstasy

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