Adam and Ricky

Adventures of Adam and his pal Ricky against Hitler and the Third Reich



A side-scrolling game full of action, blood and demons.

We are More Foes, an indie game development studio based in Barcelona. We are currently working in It’s Nazi Time & Chosen, two pixel art games. Here’s our dev log.


Adam and Ricky: The Musical

| Music | 2 Comments

Today we’re talking a bit about the soundtrack for Adam and Ricky. Killing stuff is always better with a happy little tune in the background!

Adam and Ricky

| MISC, Nazis Time, UI | No Comments

We finally have a definitive name for our game: Adam and Ricky.
Also, we go over the vendor and merchant system in the game

Enchanted enemies

| Enemies, Nazis Time | 3 Comments

We have given our enemies a bunch of magic properties! Now they can poison you, burn you alive, run like hell, or make you feel miserable.

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