Adam and Ricky

Adventures of Adam and his pal Ricky against Hitler and the Third Reich

We are More Foes, an indie game development studio based in Barcelona. We are currently working in It’s Nazi Time & Chosen, two pixel art games. Here’s our dev log.


Adam and Ricky: The Musical

| Music | 2 Comments

Today we’re talking a bit about the soundtrack for Adam and Ricky. Killing stuff is always better with a happy little tune in the background!

Adam and Ricky

| MISC, Nazis Time, UI | No Comments

We finally have a definitive name for our game: Adam and Ricky.
Also, we go over the vendor and merchant system in the game

Enchanted enemies

| Enemies, Nazis Time | 3 Comments

We have given our enemies a bunch of magic properties! Now they can poison you, burn you alive, run like hell, or make you feel miserable.

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