You wanna play a little game?

At long last, our demo for Adam and Ricky is out and ready to rumble! These last weeks have been rather hectic for all of us, as there were countless bugs to squash and more than a few features to polish, but all in all it’s a playable alpha demo that will allow gamers to get their hands dirty in our special take on paradise!

It goes without saying, but just in case, bear in mind that this is a very small sample of the game and it’s very much work in progress. Tons of things will change as we near release, from systems to artwork to music and almost everything else in between.

What to do

So you push start and here you are. A naked geezer and a small pig that skulks around him. What’s not to like? The demo map is set in the Carrot Fields (upper and lower) and contains a tiny sample of gameplay, quests, tile sets, and music. Your first interaction, however, will be with Mr Hopps, seeking the return of his family that disappeared under strange circumstances. Although he’s a rather cynical rabbit and doesn’t seem to care much, he gives you the first quest of the demo. It’s pretty straightforward and will send you off into the wilderness in search of another NPC.

We also have Justin Beaver and his lost banjo, which we will have to try and retrieve from some enemies on the map and is a classic drop quest. He will offer a sweet reward to anybody who recovers his prized instrument.

Bob the Ogre is another quest giver that will need a certain amount of resources to fuel his fiery romance with his wife (spoiler: it’s a bloke) that he has been holding captive in a damp cave. He will offer a treasure reward once his quest is complete.

What to kill

All of these quests are obviously not going to be a walk in the park. The first enemies we encounter are from the main enemy faction of the game: The Reich. Armed with primitive weapons they have managed to cobble together from sticks and stones, they will try to thwart our progress with their rather weak attacks and bad accents. They are the bulk infantry enemy that we will fight during the demo. Some of these guys are buffed with special skills and their power should not be underestimated. They are easy to spot as they are lit up like a damn Christmas tree and are bigger than their peers.

Another foe we will encounter are the Satyrs. Perky little demons with irritating squeaky voices that are thankfully rather dumb and don’t prove to be too much of a threat, except in great numbers. Just plough through them with a smile.

The boss of the demo is the Ancient Stone Golem. He’s big, he’s bad, and when he finds out that his required offering of virgin blood isn’t virgin by any stroke of the imagination, he decides that our death is the best course of action. Try avoiding his hand slam attacks, although the lower his hit points, the faster and angrier he will strike.

Weapons of mass destruction

So how do we kill all there guys you say? Easy! Both Adam and Ricky have an arsenal of weapons and skills at their disposal that will make quick work of almost all the squishy enemies that inhabit the Carrot Fields.

Let’s start with the two weapon sets that Adam has available in the demo.

  • Bow: A basic ranged archer set that can set traps, shoot in a cone, or rain arrows from the skies.
  • Blood: Ritualistic sacrifice set that uses virgin (and not so virgin) blood to deal damage. It has floor area damage, crowd control, and a powerful basic attack.

Ricky also has two singular styles of dispatching opposing forces.

  • Bone: Tanky set that provides high mobility and some limited ranged capabilities.
  • Axe: High damage set also with high mobility and a powerful AOE ultimate that slices through foes as if they were made of butter.

In the final game there will be tons of sets to play around with, so stay tuned as we release info on the ones we develop!

Finally, here is a bit of help dealing with the game’s controls. Although they are very intuitive, it never hurts to have some info.

Well, that’s that, and we hope you’ll enjoy playing Adam and Ricky as much as we enjoy going to the pub and dreaming up new ridiculous features to implement as we develop the whole thing!

Enjoy! 😀

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