Dark Ambient Soundscapes

Don't listen this if you're home alone

At More Foes, we are proud to present our first adventure in commercial asset production! Kicking off with a pack of Dark Ambient soundscapes to induce nightmares to unsuspecting gamers, we expect this to be the first of many steps towards financing the development of our first game: Adam & Ricky.

Clocking at 8:00 minutes each, these pieces evolve slowly to create a sense of atmosphere and place, but also present enough variety to keep things tense and interesting. If you want players to keep the lights on when they go to bed, this is the pack for you.

Themes range from heavy industrial machinery sections, deep oppressive drones with dissonant instrumentations, and apocalyptic choral chants. These tracks are a perfect fit for genres like horror, post-apocalyptic, fantasy (especially dungeons), sci-fi, etc.

All tracks come in high quality waveform, and both start and end at volume 0 to avoid any clips or artifacts.

This pack is now available at the following sites:

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