Lord’s Peak

Sacred Mountain

Rising high into the blue skies of Paradise, the Lord’s Peak is one of the most sacred sites in the whole of creation. Winding stairs twist and turn upon its ancient rocks, leading to a barren summit battered by violent winds that offers an unmatched view of the lands below. Thought to be the house of the Gods of old, and the place from which the world was wished into existence, the peak has been the chosen place of sacred worship for endless generations of paradise dwellers.


However, these devout prayers have been answered with varying degrees of success. The Gods are fickle, irreverent, mischievous, and sometimes cruel. Their interpretation of prayer can range from the extremely literal, to outright contrarian, and the ill effects of a prayer gone wrong sometimes can be felt across all of Paradise. An occasional rain of frogs can be a nuisance, but a rain of elephants can prove a bit more problematic. It’s just how they roll.

The Lord’s Peak is where your adventure with Adam and Ricky begins. After some moments of quiet contemplation and worship under the watchful gaze of these lunatic beings, climb down the crumbling steps to find out if your prayers for world peace have been heard.


You better draw your weapons just in case though.

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