The satyr

Malicious hunter


The vicious Satyrs are counted amongst the greatest threats ever to walk upon the rolling hills of Paradise. These evil beings were spawned within the putrid waters of the Swamp of Sin, by the will of their dark master Baphomet whose lair lies deep beneath the swamp. They are ruthless and cunning, and their thirst for blood pushes them to plan their attacks with a degree of malevolence second to none.

Legends speak of Baphomet and his army of Satyrs as the physical manifestation of humanity’s darkest dreams and desires, that rose in the Forbidden Lands of paradise to lure mankind into a life of unrepentant sinning and blasphemy. Recently, Satyrs have ventured beyond their tainted homelands, and rumors suggest that there are other forces at work behind their bold raids.

Be wary of these evil denizens from the dark corners of paradise, for they can easily rip even the most seasoned adventurer to shreds with their sharp claws, or seduce them into a life so blasphemous that would make death look like a blessing.

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