We ain’t dead…yet. We’ve been somewhat beneath the radar for a few weeks now, but it’s for a perfectly good reason.

In a couple of weeks we’ll be taking Adam and Ricky to the 2017 Barcelona Games World, and here at More Foes we’ve been hard at work for the last three months to build a solid, playable, and fun demo,

Almost all of the stuff we’ll be showing is new. We’ve implemented countless changes and reworks across the board, and greatly improved the player character amongst other things.

The Carrot Fields

the Carrot Fields will be the main map for this demo. It’s one of the hubs of Eden, home to a renowned farmer and his family. In the game, this area will be an important place from a lore perspective, but for the demo we’ll only be able to visit a small section of it.

The main story this time around, will be centered around the aforementioned farmer Mr. Hopps and his family.

Quest System

One of the new features we’ve added is the quest system. There’s still tons of stuff that we want to implement, but at the moment we’re fairly happy with this iteration.


We have prepared some NPCs that will provide players with quests. Killing animals, gathering resources, or finding certain items. Simple fetch quests so that players can explore the area and try out a good amount of gameplay while killing nazis.


Nazi Stuff

Speaking about nazis…at long last we have our first little bastards with a moustache and a swastika! We’ve being yapping on for months that the game was about Adam and Ricky fighing the third reich, and we hadn’t seen any enemies yet. About time!

Nazi troopers are the base enemies in the game, and the will evolve and become more powerful as we advance through the acts, but at the moment we have the most simple version of these guys.

All occupied zones will be affected by the reich’s terrible influence. Once a nazi camp is established, they will proceed to display all of their might and the whole area will become tainted and will lose its harmony.

What the hell is that?

In addition to all the improvements for the game, we’ll also be bringing along a few goodies and other stuff for our stand.



At last we have some business cards. They arrived a couple of days ago and we’re ready to plaster everybody we see with them!


We’ve also ordered a roll-up for anyone who commits the huge mistake of drifting into our area. Kind of a danger warning really.


If we have to spend four days standing up in the middle of a fair for hours on end, we want to do it with some style!

But that’s not the end of it! We’ve also bought a million pieces of Hama Beads to make a few Adam and Ricky magnets! However, we won’t be giving them out easily. You’ll have to get a special rare drop in the game to take it home.

So there you go. If you want a shoddily built plastic magnet, just see that you pop around the Indie Zone at the Barcelona Games World, and give our demo a shot to see what you think!

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