Sentry gun

We love to pay all kinds of homages in everything we do. the latest one is the memorable Sentry Gun. Any ideas from where it may have come?
If the first thing that came to mind is Aliens, you were right. and if you thought about any other game that uses mounted guns, you’re probably right too! Nevertheless, Aliens showed us that expending horrendous amounts of ammunition per second to protect your team from the incoming horde is something that feels really cool

The Sentry Gun doesn’t have tons of health, but charging mindlessly towards it isn’t usually the best option. As almost all mounted guns, it has a limited turning circle, so being stealthy and disabling it from behind is what you want to be doing most of the time. The upside is that it’s a neutral military weapon that will shoot everything on sight, ascended included, so it’s a great way to dispose of any dangerous pack you encounter without wasting you own ammo.

We’ve enabled the possibility of reprogramming it too, making it slaughter military enemies instead of ascended, something that will come in very handy on the military-heavy areas of the game.

Laser Gun aka Pew Pew

Today we’re also introducing the Laser Gun, a weapon that would have ended the Star Wars saga in five minutes if only the stormtroopers could have grabbed one.

Basically, it’s a very fast automatic rifle that fires lasers with a chance of bouncing on walls. It’s a way to hit some enemies that may be out of reach, or if your aim is atrocious, you can shoot randomly and you’ll eventually hit something.

This weapon will also be upgradeable, with the chance of adding bounces (it will start limited to 2 or 3 bounces) so tight spaces and corridors will become a complete death trap.

Gravity Gun aka GG

Another staple of the shooter genre is the classic gravity-themed gun, because it’s always great fun flinging stuff around and launching it right in your foe’s face. It’s a way of technically making your own ammo, whether it’s an explosive barrel, or the limb of a previously slaughtered enemy.

The gravity gun will also serve as a puzzle gun, by shifting crates, platforms, or walls around until we manage to solve it and move on. It can even pick up the aforementioned Sentry Guns and carrying them into battle in a bloodthirsty rampage.

Lights & Flashlight

We’ve added a couple of light effects that interact with the Glock (hand pistol).

Some of the lights around the levels can be deactivated or broken, leaving us and our enemies in pitch black darkness unable to kill each other. That’s why we have added a flashlight to our tiny weak pistol, so at least you can see the enemies you will be slowly chipping away. Whether you leave the lights on or off, it’s up to you. Pick your poison.

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