We are Crash, a member of GAF aboard the Valkyrie. The frigate is bound to Tharsis installations with a mission to strengthen the security in the colony.

A few miners have been dissapeared and the personnel refuses to go into the mines. Tharsis security reported riots.

Perhaps Mars is hiding something more than fuel under its skin…


Lieutenant Crash is one of the best GAF agents. Specialist in infiltration and elimination missions. She keeps the record of enemy casualties in hostile territory. It will of our character during the campaign.

Captain Harold is the highest authority on board the Valkyrie. War veteran of the Thirty Nations and awarded with medal of honor and courage. War hasn’t been kind with him. He lost 35% of his body during his service.

Amanda’s family died in a terrorist attack. She managed to stay alive hiding herself in a well for 20 days until GAF rescued her. Amanda, guided by GAF, studied medicine. Soon her dedication resulted in being in charge of the Valkyrie.